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What is Health Academy?

Health Academy is a team of doctors, chemists, and business experts who share a belief in a human approach to wellness from the inside out. We've come together to unlock your potential through community, mentorship, education and products. Through this connection, you improve your practice and create better outcomes for your patients.

What are the benefits of Health Academy?

Health Academy is an engaged, supportive community to keep you fresh, focused and fearless. We have the tools and research to keep you current with the fast-paced changes across the wellness industry.  Flexible education enables you to learn at your own pace or in a group setting. Access to best in class clinical practitioners, business coaches, and wellness experts paving the future of thought leadership and practice. Real-life connections, live events, workshops, training, mentorship and more.

Who are the Health Academy Experts?

We are credentialed practitioners, scientists, business coaches, and subject matter experts and thought leaders across wellness, personal development and business building sectors.

What course topics do you cover?

Health Academy education focuses on wellness knowledge and skills, personal development, and business building. 

Do you have in-person events?

Live events will be coming soon. Stay tuned for information about events in your area.

How do I receive my reward for becoming an Ambassador?

Email hello@healthacademy.io for more information.

How often do you have new courses?

Education is kept fresh with new courses and existing course updates launching multiple times a month.


How do I download the app?

Health Academy is available on iOS and Android. To download and install the Health Academy app, please follow these simple instructions:

Apple iPhone users:

  1. Open the Apple App Store app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Search for "Health Academy"
  3. Tap "Get"
    Android users:
    1. Open the Google Play Store app on your phone or tablet
    2. Search for "Health Academy"
    3. Tap "Install”

    Who is involved with the Health Academy Community?

    Practitioners and business owners across all sectors of the wellness industry with a desire for continuous improvement, education and connecting with like-minded people.

    How to login into the app.

    After you've downloaded the App, log in using the email address you registered with us and password.

    How do I use the Community App?

    When you open the app you are brought to a home page where you can add a quick post, see featured courses and articles, and view what posts people have been interacting with most recently.

    By clicking the 3 bars on the far upper left corner, you will be brought to the main page, with different tabs you can visit. Each tab is explained below:

    • Home: where you can get back to the home page and see your feed
    • Discovery: here you will find featured items, top posts, topics, and top courses.
    • Members: all members in Health Academy are listed here and you can easily chat with any member by clicking on their name and then clicking on ‘say hello”.
    • Invite: you can invite new members to the Health Academy community by copying a link or inviting by email. 
    • Topics: here you can click on any topic and find posts and courses that are relevant to the topic.
    • Events: upcoming live events will be posted here
    • Courses: explore all of the courses we offer under this tab and see upcoming courses. 

      How do I access courses?

      Click the 3 bars on the upper left hand side, then click the ‘Courses’ tab on the toolbar, scroll through the courses and click on the one you would like to start.


      How can I post content?

      To create a Quick Post, you can use the prompt at the top of the feed when you're logged in on the web: Or, you can open up the Health Academy iOS or Android app and add a Quick Post using the + button along the bottom menu. When creating a Quick Post, you can add a single image, video, video link, embedded link, or file attachment.

      Can I help teach a module or course?

      Yes, we’re always looking for experts. Have a topic you love to teach contact us at info@healthacademy.io.

      How can I join the Health Academy team?

      Send an email to info@healthacademy.io and we’ll reach out to you.


      How to purchase a Health Academy Subscription.

      Once you Choose a plan, click the “try free” button to start building your profile.This will take you to the checkout page where you will fill in your personal and credit card information and confirm your purchase. Complete the purchase by filling in your credit card information and clicking next. Once you have completed the purchase, you will receive all the required information (including your account details and order confirmation), this is sent to the email address that you filled in when purchasing the program.

      Payment Options?

      Purchase with any valid Credit Card or a Debit card.

      How does the free trial work?

      You can choose either a pro or pro business plan and the first month is on us. When creating an account and purchasing a membership plan you will input your credit card information, but will not be charged the first month. Your card will be charged 1 month later after the free trial is over. You can cancel at any time.

      How much does a membership cost?

      Pro membership is $99 a month or $995 annually.

      Pro Business membership is $149 a month or $1495 annually.

      What is included in a membership?

      Pro: ​​Expand your network, learn new skills from industry experts and unleash your potential. 

      • Connect with Other Members
      • Join Private Groups
      • Access Full Content & Course Library
      • 50% Member Savings on Product
      • Attend Demonstrations & Live Webinars
      • Attend Virtual Events
      • Join a Forum
      Pro Business: Gain additional access to our Business Accelerator program with all of the benefits of Pro.
      • Connect with Other Members
      • Join Private Groups
      • Access Full Content & Course Library
      • 50% Member Savings on Product
      • Attend Demonstrations & Live Webinars
      • Attend Virtual Events
      • Join a Forum
      • Attend Business Accelerator Program

      How do I manage my billing?

      If you purchased a subscription - the next automatic payment will happen according to your subscription plan. It's crucial that you always read all the information on a checkout page before submitting a payment. After your first subscription payment (or if you purchased a subscription without any trial), the automatic charges will take place depending on what kind of subscription (monthly or annual) you have.

      Monthly - payment will go through every month on the same day as your initial full monthly subscription payment

      Annual / Yearly - you will be billed once per year on the same day as of when the initial yearly subscription payment went through

      Managing a subscription: 

      You will find this under the billing section

      How do I update my Credit Card Information?

      In order to update your credit card info, please do the following:

      1. Login to your account
      2. Click on the Profile /Account Icon on the top right corner, then select My Account.
      3. Please click the billing tab on the left. 
      4. Click the update button next to your credit card number to open the page to update your details.

      Remember to save changes by clicking on the UPDATE button after filling in your new card details.

      Do you offer a payment plan?

      Currently, we do not offer any installment/payment plans for the Health Academy Membership, so we're unable to break the annual payments up into installments. We offer monthly subscription plans and annual subscription 

      How do I cancel my subscription? 

      You can cancel iOS purchases by following these steps: 

      1. Go to settings > [Your Name] > Media & Purchases.
      2. Choose "View Account"
      3. Scroll down to "Subscriptions."
      4. Find your Mighty Networks subscription
      5. Click on subscription and cancel
      On the Web:
      1. Go to your Profile picture, click on My Account
      2. Click on the Billing Section of your Health Academy Account.
      3. Click on "Cancel Subscription" under "Status"

      Please note that canceling the subscription does NOT mean a refund. This merely means the auto-renew is canceled and you will not be automatically charged for the next renewal.

      What is the Refund Policy?

      Subscriptions can be canceled anytime before the deadline at no charge. After the deadline, you will be charged a subscription fee. You cannot get a refund after this point. You can cancel your subscription so you won't be charged the following month. But you will not be refunded for this month. 


      I forgot my password.

      After typing in your email address, look for the “Forgot your password?” message below the password box. Then you can email yourself a Magic Link to sign in now, or reset your password.

      My video doesn’t work.

      Please check these possible reasons why you are experiencing issues in your web browser: 

      1. Connection is everything: make sure your internet is as fast as possible so that you can have an uninterrupted learning experience. 
      2. A fresh start: If the video has been loading for an eternity, it is time to hit refresh. 
      3. Cookies, cookies everywhere. These sweet little pieces of information might be outdated and so they prevent you from accessing the content. You need some spring cleaning.
      4. Google Chrome is your best friend: This time-tested browser works best with our content, give it a try.
      5. Go private: Try copying the link of the page in an Incognito window.
      6. Are you in the right place? Logout from your account and log in again, make sure it's with the right email address.

      If you are accessing a video through our mobile application (App), these tips should be helpful:

      1. Check if you have a good internet connection. If not, streaming will most likely be problematic.
      2. Log out from your App and log in again.
      3. Delete Health Academy App. Then download it and install again. Once you log in to your account - the issues you initially faced should be fixed.
      4. As a final resort, please make sure that the Operating System of your phone is up to date (it might be too old to support the App)

      Nothing is working? 

      Contact our customer service team at hello@healthacademy.io

      Can I fast forward or rewind the Courses?

      Yes, tap the circle on the bottom time bar with your mouse (or if on the app, tap the circle with your finger), and drag along forward or back to the spot of the course you are trying to fast forward or rewind too. 


      I’m having problems with the App.

      Here are our basic troubleshooting steps for you if you are experiencing issues with your Health Academy App:

      1. Uninstall the App
      2. Restart your phone
      3. Reinstall the App
      4. Log out and log in to the App once more. You can log out of the app by going to “personal settings” and clicking "Sign Out" at the bottom of the page.
      5. Update your mobile device software (OS) version, if you are experiencing any issues with running the App on your phone.

      These steps do not help solve the issue?

      Tell us more about what happened by emailing our customer support team at hello@healthacademy.io with the following information:

      • Screenshots of the problem
      • The error messages you have seen
      • The make and model of your mobile
      • Please make sure that your app is updated to the latest version. We promise we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

      I’m not receiving messages/notifications.

      All notifications are turned on when a Member joins Health Academy. On the mobile app, mobile push notifications have to be turned on.

      How to Adjust Your Notifications

      • When you're on the web, you can adjust the notifications you receive by clicking on your profile photo (in the upper right hand corner) and selecting Your Settings > Notifications.
      • In the mobile apps, you can adjust your settings by going to Your Profile > Personal Settings > Notifications.