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Linder Health

Linder Health Peel Certification with Health Academy Membership

$2,500 In Potential Revenue

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Linder Health

Linder Health Peel Certification with Health Academy Membership

$2,500 In Potential Revenue

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Become Linder Health Certified, allowing you to purchase professional-only Linder Health chemical peels, receive a peel kit worth $992 with everything you need to start treating patients with next-generation chemical peels, and a 1-year Health Academy membership. 

Your peel kit will ship upon completion of the course.

Linder Health Peel Certification Course

In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of chemical exfoliation, including how acids work within the skin to repair damage, application techniques and product selection. Dive deep into the formulation of Linder Health peels to understand how our unique blends kickstart healthy cellular longevity, and optimize cell function, slowing and reversing visual damage to the skin. Receive step-by-step protocols, learn how to customize each protocol to cater the experience to your clients’ needs. Upon completion, you will receive a Linder Health Certification and be ready to implement treatment plans within your practice.

Linder Health Peel Kit

$2,500 in Potential Revenue

Kit Includes:

  • Full Size Hero Peel (2 oz)
  • Trial Size Polite Peel (.25 oz)
  • Trial Size Spot(less) Peel (.25 oz)
  • Linder Health Cosmetic Bag
  • Linder Health Headband
  • Cotton Pads with Pocket (pack of 25)
  • Essential Oil Aromatherapy Roller
  • Linder Health Peel Certification
  • 1 Year Health Academy Membership

Meet Linder Health: Formulating the Future

Formulated by a board-certified dermatologist and PhD organic chemist, Linder Health is committed to improvements in long-term skin health and healthy aging through products developed with clinically-backed research, scientifically proven ingredients and pharmaceutical-grade technologies.

As we age and are exposed to more and more external stressors, our body’s ability to remove senescent cells (cells that have stopped multiplying) decreases. These dysfunctional cells can release chemicals that trigger inflammationweakening the function of nearby healthy cells and inducing or accelerating visible damage to the skin, including wrinkling, loss of volume and elasticity, discoloration, thinning of the skin, and more.

Linder Health products are formulated to selectively eliminating senescent cells and suppressing SASP (senescence-associated secretory phenomenon) to kickstart healthy cellular metabolism, and optimize cell functionslowing and reversing visual damage to the skin

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