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Epigenetics & the Skin

Dive into the latest research on epigenetics (changes in skin cells caused by modifications in our DNA), and how this science gives us a deeper understanding of skin conditions, and how it can be used to not only improve the appearance of but also repair underlying skin damage.

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Skin Physiology 101

Master the basics of skin physiology, including the anatomy of the skin, best practices to analyze your patients’ skin at intake, a deep dive into the Fitzpatrick scale, and a review of foundational products and ingredients for all skin types and concerns.

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Skin Physiology 101

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Topics Include: Increasing Healthspan, Nutrition and Fitness, Skin Health, Functional Medicine, Personal Growth, and Business Building and Entrepreneurship


Every product offered by Health Academy must be based on science and proven to work. The scientists and doctors in our lab certify each product, ensuring that it is formulated using the best and safest ingredients and manufactured in facilities that maintain the highest standards. Our portfolio of products are world class, always maintaining a blend of effective, safe, stable and sustainable


The concept of Health Academy is so unique in that its goal is to empower all levels of health providers through education and cutting-edge science that is delivered in a smart, sophisticated, and compassionate way

One of the best training sessions I’ve ever been a part of.  It focused on client needs and was conducted in small groups.

When I met the team at Health Academy, I knew instantly that they were on the right track. Health Academy is about improving skills and making better lives for practitioners. If I owned a wellness facility, they would be working with my staff from Day 1.